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Distribution Driver

Department:  Distribution
Brief description:

We need a driver for our Distribution department. Full time and part time positions available. Shifts start between 7:00-8:30 AM depending on route. Some routes are local but also will have routes running to Brookings, Roseburg, and Klamath Falls again depending on what route we assigned them for that day.
Candidate would be need to be able to comfortably lift up to 50 lbs but most packages are in the 5-15 lb range. Work week may consist of working Saturday with Sunday and an second day off during the week.

Small Package

Department:  Small Package
Brief description:

Delivery of small packages between local businesses. Mostly on a scheduled route but there is some on demand need. Many of the stops are medical in nature. Times on this team tend to stay more consistent then other departments but do require some adaptability.

Klamath Falls

Department:  Distribution
Brief description:

Looking for a local Klamath Falls driver to help our existing team. Work will be brought over from Medford and handed off to local drivers who will complete local deliveries. Please call Landin at 541-665-3274 for more details.

Weekend Driver

Department:  Small Package
Brief description:

We are looking for a driver to make pharmacy deliveries to customers homes. Driver will also be responsible for taking on demand orders transporting specimens to the hospitals. We will also have an occasional airport drop off or recovery that will need to be delivered.

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Description of our departments

Small Package – Mostly business to business delivery of checks and small packages relating to medical or financial needs.  Deliveries come in three types.  Routed – stops with specifically scheduled pickup or delivery times (or both), On Demand – customers calling in as needed and Mad Dash – On Demand but with an urgent need.  Most vehicles are small Nissan Versa or Scion XB.

Distribution – This is the most similar to UPS or FedEx.  We unload several trucks with small packages by the pallet load.  Those packages are then sorted into routes and each driver then sorts their own stops.  All packages are scanned and a chain of custody is established.  Each route has a few stops that are expected at a specific time and then they just work until they are finished.

Freight Team – Furniture into homes delivered via small truck.  Most deliveries are with a 2 person team, lifting beds and couches.  Delivery days average only 6 to 10 deliveries but with long drive times in between on some days and lengthy times on site other days.

Night Distribution – Consistent work running routes to stores that are closed. Delivering stock before they open. Team unload and sort for about an hour then off on your own to deliveries generally 100 miles out from the office. Make all the stops and return. Shifts tend to be long and the work is Mon through Sat so some drivers have 4 day work weeks with a day off in the middle of the week sometime. It’s a small crew which works well together for scheduling time off or adjustments as needed. Most drivers are cross-trained on multiple routes for variety.


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