Distribution Driver

This position is considered a part of the department:Distribution
Days of the week for this position: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

Shift start time: 7:30 am
Shift end time: 4:30 pm

At Dash it’s difficult to give exact shift ends since you will be physically away from the office. Workload and traffic can cause delays. When the regular shift end is comes if you’re still out in the field then it’s difficult to just clock out and be done for the day. Most times are fairly consistent though and help is available on busy days.  For this particular position the shift end time is: The posted shift end varies.

Vehicles routinely driven:

Some vehicle assignments may vary based on workload. For example if Car, Van and Small truck are all shown then it indicates that work volume dictates vehicle assignment.

For this position the vehicles used are:Van

Physical Needs:

Besides the ability to drive safely and use a smart-phone to enter data (after delivery) this position requires the ability to lift or move packages meeting the size / weights below:

50 lbs or less, A 50 lb item every day or two

Independent Contractor:

Some delivery assignments can be performed using the “Uber” or Fed Ex Ground model which entails a greater degree of independence for the worker with requirements based more on specific customer contracts rather than blanket company policies. IC work may include the ability to use your own vehicle for greater opportunity for profit.

Does this position qualify for independent contractor work? Yes