Holiday Schedule

Holiday Schedule

Thank you for helping us prepare for the holiday season. We handle a wide variety of industries and each handles the holidays in their own way. We've endeavored to give some information on the impact each holiday has on our schedule and basic options you can choose in order to adjust. In each section we've placed the most common choice at the top. If your office doesn't respond we will have to assume the most common practice will be in place for your office. Thank you for your help.

Client Information

Bank Holidays

Postal Impact: The post office does not collect outgoing mail; however there is still usually a small amount of mail from the afternoon before that is ready to be collected from any Post Office boxes. If you use our service for P.O. box collection and delivery we will still provide the service on these holidays unless you specify that you are closed. We will not collect outbound mail since the post office will not accept it and we do not hold mail overnight at our facility. Banking Impact: No Deposits picked up

Upcoming Bank Holidays

Please make a selection for each day that is effected by upcoming bank holidays

Major Holidays

On the major holiday's below Dash Delivery Inc will not be running any routes unless you as our client specifically request service. Holiday charges will apply.

Holiday Adjacent Days

Days surrounding major holidays are often effected by multiple closures. Black Friday in particular results in 80% of our clients being closed. As a result we do not plan on making our usual routes unless contacted by those few clients that are open. For each of these days we have included the options. The top choice is the one we expect to be the most common and if we do not hear from you we will assume it applies to your office. Due to the prevalence of early closures ranging from 12pm to 4pm we may not be able to accommodate all schedule changes, please be specific and as flexible as possible. Any customers who send work out of the valley should be aware that on 12/24 the flight and all pickups will be ONE HOUR EARLY.
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