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Company Training Meeting June 6th.

Who has to be there?

Everybody that does small package delivery.  If you live out of the Medford area we’re making arrangements to attend online via Video.  If your position is exclusively doing freight work then you don’t need to be there.  If you are scheduled to work Saturday I’ll be looking for people to fill in but we may have to have you do the route and make up the class via video later.

What do I need to bring?

Due to new TSA rules we need everybody to bring – Driver’s License AND either SS card, passport or some other major piece of ID.  In the past we have sent this info on to the respective parties and then destroyed our copy of the data.  Now we have to keep a copy.  So we may ask some of you for another copy even though we have made a copy in the past.  Other than that bring yourself.  No dress code.

What if I can’t make it?

We will be recording the event and you’ll have to watch it later.  You’ll miss out on the ability to provide input and you’ll have to take some tests to establish understanding.  I want this to be an exception.  If you can’t attend I’ll need to know in advance and need to know why.  I understand it is a Saturday and that isn’t great but it is the only time to get everybody together.

How long will it take?

The specimen training portion takes just shy of 2 hours and starts at 10am.  We’ll have lunch coming towards the end – Pizza.

What will be discussed?

Besides the OSHA, HIPAA and Specimen Integrity training we will cover:

FAA / TSA / IAC rules and inspections – we’re currently battling a violation that could lead to a fine in the future.

Proper OnTime Usage

Proper Sorting, hand offs

Direction of the company

Your input is needed

We will be looking for input from you on how we can solve some of the current problems such as:

Supplies – availability and accountability – how can we make sure that you have what you need?

Maintenance reporting – what can we do to improve this?

Sort process – we continue to have things missed regularly – how can we make it easier?

Company Party – I have several ideas for this summer – looking for input.

Training – how can we improve our process so that new people get the training they need reliably?

Please reply as to whether you will be attending or not and feel free to suggest any topics or solutions up front if you’d rather address it that way than in the group setting.