WPX Android App


Use FULL HD Mode

Company Code 0100  Passcode 37836

Settings / Advanced/ Phone number (put in your number)


Brandon had some tips / best practice
1) If it doesn’t scan, hold button and pull back and forward rather than side to side or not moving and waiting. If it still doesn’t scan then instead of holding press again and hold to re-trigger the scan.
2) Use the up/down left/right keys and Enter instead of the stylus or touching the screen. It is MUCH faster and works better, the stylus is really just for scanning.
3) Paperwork verify to PC first THEN do the scanning so that if your count was right you can toggle in if you need to.

LOGINS AND PROFILES   –   dashdelivery.net/scanners


Name                                Dash Login         Cardinal Route            WPX Profile                Swift Profile

Klamath Line Haul       kflh                               622                         041                  190

GPRX / CJ                      gprx                              621                         042                  190

Ash1                                  ash1                             625                          043                  190

Med RX                           medrx                          623                          044                  190

EP1                                   ep1                                624                          044                  190

GPDist                             gpd                               621                                                  190

Coast                                coastlh                        626

Wmed                              wmed                                                    046                  190

WeCard                           wecard                                                 048                  190

For Dash the OT info is – Company dash2 – login as above and password is dash

For WPX the profile numbers above are just the last 3 digits.  Company 0100 password 37836

The full number is 2020200041 for kflh for example.  So just replace the 41 with a 48 and you would switch to the wecard route.

Swift – Company ID in Xmobile is 321 – Route is 0000000190 password is 92333

New Swift Scanner App 2 /17




Tutorials on how to work the scanners:

WPX Profile Switching

Creating a BOL (to do multiple line items at one location with a single set of scans)

Purging Data in XMobile

Setting up the Dash Profile

Nextstop Mobile for Swift

Swift Website

[fancy_link link=”https://0321.xdhosted.com/driverLogin.asp” variation=”red” textColor=”#000000″ target=”blank”]Swift Portal Login[/fancy_link]


IE > xm.cstsoftware.com

OR File Explorer – My Device > windows> iexplore

Option #2 – Alternative

Save As -business folder

then the Xmobile also Save As – business folder

Find it under My Docs

Install largest 1st!