Come join our team!

Dash has been in business since 1998.  Several of our current staff members have been with us for more than 10 years.  We currently have approximately 1 manager / supervisor to every 10 employees.  We have shifts running 24 hours a day and a variety of work types and vehicles.

We strive for a very team based atmosphere and reward behavior that supports the group.  Instead of being a solo driver alone in a vehicle you’ll be coordinated with a team of coworkers and a chat app on the phone that allows for ongoing coordination.  Enjoy all the freedom of being out on the road coupled with the benefits of a supportive group able to meet each other’s time off needs.  Our goal is always to try to figure out a way to make people’s time off requests work and to give a stable schedule.

We have a vast library of Audiobooks to share for use on the job.

PTO with tiered structure rewarding long term retention.

Retirement plan with a matched contribution from Dash

Health Insurance with 4 plans available

Aflac with accident policy paid by Dash and other policies available.

Annual parties including private rental of the water-slides

All this and…

The most enjoyable work you’ve ever done. 



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