Feb 1, 2013 – Dash turns 15!

On Feb 1st, 1998 a used Toyota Corolla, a cell phone, a voice pager and Zach Woody entered the delivery world.  It’s taken a lot of hard work but thanks to so many excellent loyal clients and hard working employees we’ve made it a success.

This new website will be a great resource for our drivers and customers alike.  We’ll enjoy improved training, delivery order placement and scheduling, account details and tracking, road and flight conditions.  We plan to add a lot of features.  For now though I thought people might like to see some old company photos from the early days of Dash.

Old Dash “Garage”.  Gerald working on one of our cars out in the Oregon sunshine.  That was the “B” car, 2nd one we ever bought.  We’ve rounded the alphabet now.

Old Dash Garage


Zach’s old office.   With deliveries stacking up.  (shot taken from my kitchen).

Old Dash Office


Our 5 year anniversary party!  In my kitchen.  5 year annivesary




Dash Office (9)

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